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Promotion // General Questions

Why does a promotion make sense in the digital age? Quick guide

Your release is cool? But no one knows it?

It's a club hit in Manchester? But it isn't being broadcast in Berlin or Rome?

Global heavyweights think your record is great, but the press wants it in writing? is an answer to your questions.


Why should I promote my release?

More than 6.000 releases appear each month in the electronic music scene and, thank god, the numbers are increasing. But in this paradisical diversity, it is becoming more and more difficult to get your release the attention it deserves. As always, techno still functions democratically and good music will always be on top. But there is a heck of a lot of good music - it can quickly get lost in space. #60 on a list of new releases is not promising. With that could also happen in the worst case. However, with us you stay on air and in the sight of record hunters.

Our pool
is comprised of many global DJs, DJ chart creators, journalists, reviewers, bloggers and radio people. They are open to every good release and help make your zeitgeist public.


Why do I stay on air with

Our DJ pool is comprised of DJs with opinion-leader qualities, radio people, press contacts, DJ chart creators and bloggers. They are all keen on hearing and playing exclusive and unreleased stuff. We think that it's a good deal to give them that. What is the deal? Here's what to expect when you have your promotion with us:

  • Feedback (good and bad, of course, but both are important, good ones are the crowning glory and bad ones are sometimes important for orientation; for label and artist).
  • DJ chart placement (among 6000 digital releases a month, a placement in the DJ charts by Monika Kruse or others really helps.)
  • You get played in the club.
  • You get played on youtube.
  • Your record is reviewed in newspapers. We have many journalists on board with us.
  • With some luck, your records will be played on the radio. It has already happened often, and as a promotion platform, this is our moment of glory,

Who is in the DJ pool?

DJs, press contacts, bloggers, radio people, DJ chart creators - all those who carry the music in their hearts and into the world. Please simply check out our pool.

(The pool can always be found on the right at the top of the menu and in the upload wizard.)


Do I need Josh Wink's email address?

No, because he is already in our DJ pool and will receive your promo via our platform. So, simply select Josh Wink from our DJ pool using the Upload Wizard and he will get your release.

Just like every DJ you select, he first has to give his feedback in order to be able to download your release. So, first the feedback, then the download.


Can I also promote releases to my contacts parallel to the PR DJ pool?


Which features do I have on

+ transparent DJ pool
+ radio + press + blog reviews
+ share pages with feedback form or only for sharing feedback
   to get feedback from your contacts
+ feedback in realtime / analysis
+ upload wizard
+ security / no mails with mp3 attachments
+ MP3Tags / artwork / full release info
+ data export (*.txt) / share pages

and of course our super features Record Tracker and Keywords (incl. youtube comment alert):

Please read our FAQs Record Tracker // General questions


How much does it cost?

49 EUR (incl. 19 % VAT) / release
regardless of the number of tracks
no subscription required

(DJ pool membership is free.)

For users outside of Germany
but within the EU
41.18 EUR / release
we do not need to charge any VAT
if you send us your VAT number
(before paying, please send a short email to

outside of the EU
41.18 EUR / release
before paying, please send a short email to

Payment methods
paypal + bank transfer


HD video rendering with waveform + YouTube upload?

YouTubeWaves is our new feature and perhaps the most elegant way to upload your back catalog to YouTube. No more annoying video cutting, just upload every song of your promo from to your YouTube account.

What will your videos look like? --> a video for every track; sound: 96 kb/s; record cover side A as a still image, waveform with locator, bundle upload in your youtube channel, everything automated, but under your control.


  • waveform with locator in the video
  • for all sub tracks finished HD videos and youtube uploads with one click
  • no cutting software needed, no cutting trouble and no repeated mp3 converting (all videos with 96 kb/s)
  • the complete release info and the tracklist are stated automatically in your youtube video description (incl. ▁▂▃▅ glyphs and symbols (UTF-8))
  • price: 4.99 EUR (incl. 19 % VAT) / release (regardless of the number of tracks)

So enjoy the comfort, one upload and all possibilities: feedback + support from our DJ PR pool and your own contacts, record tracking, shazam and youtube upload; have fun!

Note on YouTube token / Access authorization: Youtube access authorization is necessary in order to publish your videos on your youtube channel. Only videos from your tracks are published that you have specified on for uploading. We will never use this access authorization for anything else. Youtube also does not convey your youtube password, meaning we do not have your youtube access data, only youtube does. With the function "revoke youtube access" you can revoke the access rights at any time.

Note on YouTube monetization: You are and always will be the owner of all the rights (picture, video and of course audio)!!


How do I get my music / back catalog to SHAZAM?

Shazam is the best known and most successful music identification service there is. With the help of acoustic fingerprints, Smartphone owners in the club or at funerals can call up the artist and song title of the music being played. This is made possible due to a matching process between Smartphone and the Shazam database. More info: or wikipedia

Why is an upload necessary?

Matching is based on the comparison between the acoustic fingerprint of a heard song and the stored acoustic fingerprints in the Shazam database. To generate a fingerprint and a database entry, Shazam needs your entire song.

(Note: will only use your music for this purpose, so totally logical: we will NOT sell, NOT pass on to third parties and NOT collect data about you or your music.)

Why should your music be on Shazam?

+ Your music / back catalog gets a face, a name.

+ The DJ / fan knows, under which name to search in order to play your sound.

+ Your music gets the release status (Shazam accolade).

+ 1 upload, 3 possibilities: Shazam, DJ pool + share pages for the promo to your own contacts

Which Shazam packages are there?

The Shazam listing costs 1.99 EUR (incl 19 % VAT). Shazam can be booked together with our music promotion or as an individual package.

How long does the listing take?

7 days after upload


Promotion // Details

Why a promotion before the release date?

That's the deal. DJs want to play hot and unreleased tracks - that's their mission. If you want their opinion, then you should definitely give us your unreleased sound. This also makes sense because with our feedbacks you can heat up the pre-sales phase. Digital platforms also welcome our feedbacks so they can see if your record should be featured. By the way, our press contacts always need about 3 or 4 weeks advance time for their reviews.


What are the differences to other promotion tools?

  • Please check out our example: rekids045-nina-kraviz-pain-in-the-ass-rekids
  • Please check out our DJ pool at
  • PR DJ pool + feedback opportunity for your own contacts
  • Our DJ pool includes press contacts, bloggers, DJ charts creators and radio jockeys. You do not have the stress of trying to win them for your promo, no black sheep, no administrative and research work and definitely more feedback and resonance than somewhere else.
  • The DJs don't pay anything but are in our pool because of their international status.
  • Permanent care of the pool by us (we constantly are on the look out for the best DJs and press contacts.)
  • Transparency
  • Acceptance (Your promo doesn't land in the junk folder of the DJs; plus every pool DJ knows you have paid for the promo and are not sending him junk. Plus, has credibility with all pool DJs, thanks to the good promos, features and record tracker tools)
  • Everything is in your hands and in your control. (You edit all data and release infos yourself. No unfamiliar copy-and-paste staff.)
  • Realtime (You receive an email directly after a feedback has been made.)
  • With us, you get the most and best feedbacks (not always good ones, but from good DJs).
  • Export of data possible at anytime.
  • Fair price (49 Euro per promo, no hidden costs), no subscription
  • With one account all those involved are up to date (thanks to feedback sharing, artists, bookers and sales channels see the resonance to your release in realtime.)
  • The super features Record Tracker & Keywords (incl. youtube comment alert)

What is the difference to sending emails out myself?

With us you have more feedback and resonance. (Also because the DJ is more willing to check out your sound with our player than to tediously wait for ZIPs.)

You don't get on anyone's nerves.

You prevent sharing your download links.

With us: First feedback, then download.

You have more authenticity, you can show and share what was said about your release.

With us you have the contacts. Maybe you also have twenty or thirty email addresses, but are they still up to date? You will find all DJs on

With us you have many evaluation and export possibilites. (No copy & paste, or losing important feedbacks.)

DJs don't always immediately react; with us, hot promos start every week, and if your promo is on, then he will surely check it out, although he originally wanted to evaluate a different one - every release helps the other. (With us you get feedbacks even after 3 weeks. You can't expect that if you send emails out yourself.


Do the DJs pay?

No. Why not? We want something from them: feedback, reviews, broadcasting and that they play your track in the club. So, come on, promotion can't be cheaper than this.


First feedback, then download.

The DJs and press contacts you selected can only download your track after they have given feedback on it.


Is there a feedback guarantee?

We are a platform with which you can, in contrast to social networks or your own emails, can easily reach all pool DJs. We guarantee that we will advertise your release to all pool DJs, but: we cannot force them to give feedback. Many DJs don't want to write anything negative or they don't have enough time. But if your release is interesting, we promise you that with us you will get the feedback that you never dared to dream of before.


After the release date, how can I know if my release is in the DJ charts?

No matter whether it's iTunes,, beatport or DJ charts, with you won't miss a single chart entry.

In addition to the chart entry, the history function is indispensible for knowing and showing how your chart performance was. Simply click on the dashboard starting site on "track new release" and let yourself and others become bedazzled.


You write for wikipedia or mags and need detailed chart info (like from iTunes)?

Please send a short email to
We will immediately activate a free account for you.

With your free account you have access to
- historical chart values
- alerts when your artist enters the iTunes charts again
- references like


How can I get into the DJ pool?

Are you a radio DJ or a writer for the press or blogs?

Are you an international DJ heavyweight?

Please take into consideration that you will NOT see any promos with the "normal" account. Your account is visible only after your DJ or press account has been cleared by us free of charge.


What happens when I activate Electro Music TV?

Electro Music TV is a YouTube channel, similar to Spinnin' Records or Kontor.TV:

These channels might be classified as progressive, but in turn have quite a high number of clicks and lots of YouTube subscribers, i.e., if they post a video, then that’s a pretty good start for your song. For this reason, Electro Music TV is in our DJ pool.*

What happens next when I opt for the Electro Music TV Option?

Then you your song may well end up on the shortlist of Electro Music TV. However, they only upload one song to their YouTube channel each week, the selection is huge and only one song makes it. Frankly, the odds are 1 in 1000, that they upload the promo to their channel.

If they upload your song, then with the enabled ElectroMusicTV checkbox you have given them permission to upload your song with a video /freeze frame produced by Electro Music TV. And you must know that regardless of your YouTube monetization, the video incl. your music in Electro Music TV channel is not credited to your YouTube account.


Promo Artist: PPPE

Song: Photorealistic

YouTube views for Photorealistic in total: 500.000 views

Channel Electro Music TV: 400.000 views

Other channels: 100.000 views

For the YouTube monetization of Photorealistic, this means that the Artist PPPE only gets a YouTube credit for the 100,000 views and not for the 400,000 views in the Electro Music TV channel. Regardless of the YouTube monetization, the question arises whether the artist PPPE would have had 100,000 views without Electro Music TV?

*The channel Electro Music TV is NOT operated by, nor is there any other legal relationship between Electro Music TV and us.


Promotion // Technique

How can I start with my promotion on

Simply start our Upload Wizard in your account using the button "Promo Upload".


Can I interrupt the Upload Wizard and call up the upload project again later?

Yes, no problem.


What happens when I have uploaded the release?

As soon as your release has been uploaded, we check everything once again and then release the promo. You can see the completely prepared promo under the status "ReadyForPromotion". When the promo starts, the DJs you have selected can check your EP, evaluate it and download it in their account.

Parallel to the start of the promotion, your share links will be released by email and you can access them any time under "Support your promo" in your account.


Can anyone download it?

No, only the DJs you have selected and authorized, and only after they have given feedback.


How do I know when a DJ has given feedback?

Everytime you get a feedback, you will receive an email alert in realtime. In your account you can always see the summary and evaluation of all feedback.


I get too many feedback emails. Cool, but the daily summary is enough for me.

You can switch off the alert function by going to the dashboard starting page, clicking on the release, and then release info and email notification.


What results do I see? What should I do?

The following questions are answered by the DJ:

  • General rating
  • Would he play it?
  • Would he chart it?
  • What’s his favorite song?
  • Comment

You will see all these questions depicted graphically in pie charts under analysis as well as under the feedback rider. The analysis gives you an easy and quick overview of which songs are liked the best from your EP and how the potential of the EP on the whole is evaluated to be.

Parallel to the promo start, you should already share the feedbacks with all artists involved as well as remixers, bookers, labels, sales and online shops. (The share page is automatically updated with new feedbacks.)

So all those involved are all in the same boat from the very beginning. As a label, you offer your artists an added value with the promo and the share pages; even fans and event organizers value the accolades from Stephan Bodzin or Laurent Garnier. Especially for talented newcomers, feedback and recommendations are really important.


Can I export or share the feedbacks?

Not only definitely, but that is your job. Share txt. files or our feedback overviews with your artist, label, promoters, bookers, press and on social networks. You will find everything under the menu point "Support your promo". (Dashboard starting page, click release and menu point ShareShare)


When the promo is over, can I still see the analysis and all feedbacks?

Yes. You will have permanent access to all your release data, feedbacks and evaluations.


Where can I download my promote invoice?

Please go to the dashboard starting page and click on Release, then ReleaseInfo and Invoice download.


What does 'played by generator' mean?

One click and you get the following dream text:

(Dashboard --> desired release --> Support your Promo in the menu)

Played by Ascii Disko ,Ben Klock,Benna,Chloe,Chris Carrier,Chris Fortier,Craig Morrison (Silicone Soul),D' Julz,Dan Drastic,Dave Ellesmere,Dave Shokh,DJ Misk (Radio AltroVerso // Rome),Dole and Kom,Emerson,Falko Brocksieper,Florian Meindl,Frank Sonic (Partysan NRW),franklin de costa,Greg Delon,Gregor Tresher,Half Stereo,Holgi Star,Ivan Smagghe,Jenn,Jimpster,Josh Wink,Kabale und Liebe,Karotte,Konrad Black,Lars Sommerfeld,Markus Kavka,Martin Eyerer,Mihai Popoviciu,Mihalis Safras,Oliver Klein,Oscar,Oxia,Paco Osuna,Patrick Lindsey ,Patrick Zigon,Pelle Buys ,Perc,Roberto Rodriguez ,Ron Flatter,Sascha Kösch aka bleed (DE:BUG),Shonky,Sian ,Solomun,Stephan Bodzin,The Glitz,Toni Rios ,Umek,Wehbba,Zander VT,Matthias Tanzmann,Markus Fix,Jorge Savoretti,Douglas Greed,Pan-Pot!


Promotion // DJ + Press questions

Who is in the pool?

DJs, press contacts, bloggers, DJ chart creators - all those who carry music in their hearts and out into the world. Please simply check our pool.

(The pool can always be found on the right at the top of the menu and in the upload wizard.)


Why should I enter the DJ pool?

  • New and exclusive promos in your account every week.
  • Releases that are not yet on discogs.
  • Free download for pool DJs (every DJ account is free)
  • Playlist features
  • Cool colleagues
  • No spams, no shit releases
  • 320 kbs mp3s, full release info, mp3 tags, standardized data names
  • Prelistening of the promos and thousands of other advantages in comparison to promo email 
  • You can specifically download the song of the release that you want and don’t have to do the work of unpacking zips.
  • Your name appears as a reference in the release info and webshops.
  • Record tracker features
  • The pool activity helps with RMX inquiries, every one knows each other, everyone helps each other. 


How can I enter the DJ pool?

Are you a radio DJ or do you write for the press or blogs?

Are you an international DJ heavyweight?


What is the quality of the files?

All files have a quality of 320 Kb/s - 44.1 kH. Please do not get irritated by the prelistening files in the player - they only have 96 Kb/s. But 320 gets downloaded.


Is there a ZIP download?

Yes, simply click on the cover and you have the complete PreRelease. Tip: Don't fill up your drive. Sometimes it's the B-side track that hits you weeks later, but I am not so sure that the B-side is even discovered nowadays. Therefore, load your favorite track individually and put it in the player, then we're not lost in space :-)


How can I promote my own release?

We unfortunately do not have an upload option in the DJ account; the Myspace dilemma. Therefore, please log out and register on our start page (right above / sign up) free of charge with our standard account. (Similar to Myspace, you need a second email address.)

On the start page after login, simply click "upload promo".

For further questions, simply send us an email to or click on our FAQ Promotion General.


Why should I upload a photo of myself?

Pictures say more than a thousand words, sometimes at least; it really helps the labels to quickly pick you out for their promo. Please simply upload an avatar under myaccount. Thanks.


Why don't I see any promos?

Please make sure that you have logged in as a DJ and not as an artist. There are two different types of accounts. Just send us an email if you don't have your login data handy,


I can no longer find a record.

All promos are active and downloadable for a maximum of 30 days.


Can I change my feedback?

No. (It is clear to all labels that your opinion is a snapshot of the moment.)


Who writes the release description / release info?

The release info and description stem from the artist or the artist's label.


Record Tracker // General Questions

What do 'tracking' and ‘keyword’ mean?

You publicize a release; this release is hopefully available in all important online shops. With so many charts and DJ charts in these shops, it's gotten hard to keep an overview of the performance of your release in the respective countries, shops and charts. In your account, you see everything in one overview, all chart data with history. We track your release in 1725 charts and on youtube 6 times a day, plus DJ charts.

‘Keywords’ expand the tracking possibilities. With Record Tracker, you track a special release. With our keywords tool, on the other hand, you can observe the appearance of any word, such as label name, in the shop charts or on youtube. With the keywords „Cocoon“, „Ableton“ or „Frasier“ you see, for example, all chart entries on iTunes, Beatport & Co as well as all youtube uploads and comments on these videos.

Last but not least, we also collect all stock data from the vinyl shops. This is very helpful for the first sales prognoses and later for assessing whether to press more records or not.


What features do I get?

  • All your chart entries and chart changes in the largest webshops in one overview: iTunes, beatport + DJ Charts, + DJ Charts,, +
  • plus DJ chart entries
  • daily youtube comment alert
  • daily youtube video alert
  • Permanent chart overview also for sharing
  • All stock changes
  • Email alert when your record is out of stock or in a new chart
  • History / Analysis / Comparison

How do I get all youtube videos about me or topics that interest me?

Just enter you desired keyword, like your name or you favorite music label under Keywords / Edit. We then find for you every video that has exactly this keyword in the youtube video title. A summary of the uploads and youtube comments is also sent to you everyday by email.

Note: In addition to your videos, you also see all chart entries for your keyword (iTunes, Beatport & co).


How can I track youtube comments?

Simply click in your account on the desired video and you’re done. A summary of new youtube comments are then sent to you by email once a day and are also visible online at any time.

1. Enter keyword 2. Click “track comments” 3. Ready to fly (daily youtube comment alert)


How can I see all my chart entries on iTunes, Beatport and

After logging in, simply enter your artist or label name under the menu point Keywords and you will receive alerts on all past and future chart entries (incl. youtube uploads).


How long was my release in the iTunes and Beatport charts?

Our feature Keywords shows you every single one of your charts entries. With our feature Record Tracker, you refine this chart tracking. Record Tracker summarizes all chart placements of a certain release from all shops, shows you the respective chart performances, the best chart placements and since when you have been on this placement. 

Simply click on „Track new release“ after logging in, enter artist / title and all past and future charts information will be shown.


Are MP3 files needed for tracking?

No, for record tracking you only need to enter the meta data, such as artist name and title. MP3 files are not needed.


Record Tracker // Details

Which chart placements do I see? Which shops?

The charts we search through for your release are:

  • iTunes
  • Beatport + DJ charts
  • + DJ charts
  • + DJ charts
  • plus youtube video uploads and comments

Can I also see the placements in the DJ charts?

Yes, all DJ charts that are publicized on beatport, and


How do I know that I'm in the charts?

As soon as you have edited a keyword or a record tracker project on, you will receive an email for every chart entry und youtube upload.

If you would not like to track new youtube uploads with your keywords, but only chart entries, please deactivate youtube under Keywords / Edit.

(Please note that we currently only send out a maximum of 3 chart email alerts per day so that no one gets annoyed.)


How soon is the chart data available after matching?

After matching, we need about 10 minutes to show you the complete chart data from the past that has been collected on your release. However, these 10 minutes are only necessary once. From then on, you see the collected chart info in realtime. You will also be immediately informed through our email alerts about each of your chart entries, new youtube comments or youtube uploads with your Keyword.


How far back does the chart data go?

Our vinyl charts are the oldest. Here you will find data from April 2, 2009 on. Beatport has been tracked since Aug. 13, 2009 and the iTunes chart data dates back to Oct 19, 2009.


How can I view my historical values in one of the charts?

Go to the dashboard. Please click "charts" and then on the desired chart, such as "Top 100". You will already see a quick overview of the last 5 changes in the pop-up window when you move the mouse over the chart name. For a complete overview, click again.


Are your records available?

With our stock display, you see at a glance in which shops* your records are available.

- After the promotion, the decrease in the amount of stock is the first important feedback as to how the 12" is doing.  
- The in stock availability increases your sales.
  (end customers order records with the out of stock status less often than with the in stock status)
- The history graph is important for analyzing problems between distributor, label and artist.
- Thanks to our out of stock alerts, additional supplies can be quickly made.  
- The time periods between incoming stock and out of stock status are a good help in deciding whether or not to press more 12".

* +


Can I track a release that has not - or not yet - been entered into the shops?

Yes, with our feature Keywords.
Simply enter your artist or label name under the menu point keywords and you receive alerts on all future chart entires (incl. youtube uploads).


Can I also track releases that I am not promoting?

Yes, you can track every release, regardless of whether you are promoting it or not.


Why do I sometimes see a different chart placement than in the respective shop itself?

We search through the shops 6 times a day for your release or track. There is a maximum of a 4 hours difference between our chart data and that of the shops.


Why are my chart results not conform to the placements in the shops?

Please compare if the correct release is shown in all pop-up windows.

Please also check if the same charts are really being compared. Please click on the corresponding chart link to do so.


How often is my release searched for in the charts?

All charts are searched through 6 times a day for your release. 


Which web browsers work with

Internet Explorer as of Version 7.0 on, Mozilla Firefox as of Version 3.0, Apple Safari as of Version 3 and Google Chrome as of Version 3


Record Tracker // Plans // Prices

Which tracking packets / plans are there?

Please have a look at our plan page.
Login --> Menu --> MyAacount --> Upgrade

(Please note: These packages / plans are valid for record tracking. The promotion of a release to our DJ + press pool costs 49 EUR / release (please contact support for individual offers).


Can I change at anytime? Also back to free?

Of course. Simply go to MyAccount in your menu, select the rider “Upgrade” and then select the Free plan.


Will I be entering a long-term contract? I'm still getting ring tones, grrrr.

No, you may cancel the contract at any time. For the month for which you have already paid you still get the complete service, of course, and then your account will automatically be switched to Free.


Which payment types are accepted?

We offer Visa and MasterCard. (We only offer PayPal for music promotion. It is currently not yet possible to use PayPal for our Record Tracker feature.)


Can I test Record-Tracker for free?

Yes. You can create a tracking project free of charge with every account.
But in comparison to our other tracking plans, some charts are partially overwritten.
Otherwise you get full feature power (incl. chart entry emails).


How to redeem a voucher?

Login --> MyAccount --> Upgrade --> Redeem a voucher